General Information


Once your appointment has been made, you will be provided with a validation code that will be needed to set up your patient portal. The portal is a great tool that will provide you with the necessary paperwork that can be completed prior to your appointment and it's online. An email will be sent to you with the link to set up your portal using the validation code. Once your portal is complete, you will be able to update your information as needed (including any insurance changes), view your appointments, and receive important messages from your clinician. Completing the paperwork prior to your visit will also allow the clinician to view it and obtain a better picture of your needs.

In the event you are unable to complete the paperwork prior to your visit or you do not have access to the internet, no problem! You can complete it in the office, but please arrive at least 30-45 minutes early (depending on your comfort level with tablets) to finish it.

Existing patients can access the portal by clicking here.

The office biller will verify insurance eligibility, copay, and any unmet deductibles. The office biller will then contact you with your financial responsibility. This is done as a courtesy to the patient, but it is ultimately the patient's responsibility to know the details of the insurance plan. Please note that any discrepancies involving your insurance will not be handled during your appointment time. Your care, as well as the care of others, is very important to me and I don't want to take time away from the appointment for insurance issues. If this situation arises, your appointment may be rescheduled while the office biller resolves the issue or you have the option to pay the cash price for the visit.


Please contact the office within 24 hours from your scheduled appointment time to avoid a possible no show fee. It is understandable that emergencies and illness can happen at the last minute, but please call as soon as possible. It will be at the clinician's discretion to wave the no show fee depending upon the circumstance. Please note that the no show fee is not covered by insurance.


Psychiatric evaluations are completed to determine a diagnosis and provide the proper treatment for individuals who are struggling with mental health issues. I do not complete evaluations for disability claims nor those that are court ordered as part of a legal case.

Psychological evaluations are important assessments that utilize different tools to test an individual for things such as learning disabilities or to obtain a more definitive diagnosis as in the case, for example, autism. These types of evaluations are completed by a licensed psychologist and not performed in this practice, however, the clinician may refer an individual for this type of assessment as part of their treatment.


Medications can be helpful during treatment, especially for those whose symptoms are interfering with the ability to function on a daily basis. Careful consideration for the individual, as well as the particular symptoms being treated, is taken to determine the best course of action. I will only prescribe the necessary medications needed and only if the individual is comfortable with medication. Any controlled substances prescribed will be closely monitored and this practice utilizes the Idaho Prescription Monitoring Website to ensure that multiple physicians are not prescribing the same medication. As a clinician, I am mandated to report any "doctor shopping" or suspicious activity.


A copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices is available here. Upon scheduling your appointment, you will be given access to the patient portal which contains all other new patient forms.